William Clark Green- No Branding

“Load up the truck, hang up the phone, tell my baby I’m comin’ home I ain’t gonna listen to ‘em bitch and moan, Ain’t nothin’ but sticks and stones. Those are lyrics that are real and what you will hear when listening to the music of William Clark Green. The music is something that hits home with fans alike and aren’t what you would consider politically correct.

Green always wrote songs but just always played in private settings. However, he was suckered into playing one night with his buddies and it started from there. One night while in Lubbock, Green went to a Monday night gig with his roommate and his roommates buddy (who was supposed to play that night) had gotten sick, so Green was asked to play and the rest as they say was history.

Musically Willis Allan Ramsey was his biggest influence. During the 70’s Ramsey can out with one album which was self-titled and wrote “Muskrat Love” along with countless other hits. That album was the one that inspired WCG’s music and still is one that he says tops any album he has listened to.

One of my favorite albums of all-time is “Ringling Road” which Clark put out receiving rave reviews nationwide. The album contains hard hitting in your face lyrics that everyone has either been through or has related to at one point during their lives. When listening to the album Clark says honestly the title cut almost didn’t make the album. The song is such an off song and a bizarre thing and honestly, they thought no one would like it. The song itself doesn’t necessarily represent the album as a whole.

Overall, when listening to the album, Green says there is not one thing that fans should expect. The album in my opinion is hard, dirty and in your face which as a songwriter Green’s forte.

One difference between “Ringling Road” and “Rose Queen” is that with “Rose Queen” it was the first time the band had worked with a professional producer. The Band’s goal is to enhance the lyrics that they write together. “We are not trying to focus on one specific genre or one style”, doing the best they can with what they know to do.

Green doesn’t brand his style of music. When asked about branding he said it’s whatever who listen think. “If you try to put a brand on my music someone else would probably disagree so what is the point?  As long as it’s good music that is what matters to him. If you listen to the music of William Clark Green you will hear a wide variety of genres which he says is the point.  He expects the music to enhance the lyrics, which is the focus when going into the studio. When going into the studio to record they care about the songs because they are a lyrical band.

If you want to find out what is going on with William Clark Green you can visit their website by going to www.williamclarkgreen.com or find them on facebook and also on twitter.

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