Moonlight & Magnolias Cd Review

The great thing about listening to this newest disc from Mike Childress is that it caters to a variety of musical tastes.

The lead single “Running from The Devil” is a cool mixture of country, blues and folk. It’s like listening to Guy Clark doing blues.

“Houston Has Everything Me” is a sad song telling a story of a man running away trying to keep from thinking about a woman while trying to figure how the relationship went wrong.

The title track Moonlight & Magnolias reminds me of something that you may hear in the mid 70’s. This is my favorite off the disc. It’s got that Don Williams flavor to it.

This is a love song about the meaning of a couple’s love and dedication to each other while declaring it to the night.

Guys, this is a great disc lyric wise with diverse melodies and I highly recommend adding this to your collection.

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