Jason Boland & The Stragglers- Trusting the Music

It’s always good when a musician doesn’t lose touch with his roots remembering where he came from. When a musician can put out what he wants and doesn’t have to fit in with what is popular, while still being successful, says a lot.  Oklahoma native Jason Boland has spent the last 15 years paving his own path in the so-called “red dirt” scene throughout Oklahoma and his adopted home state of Texas.

However, when you listen to Boland the good thing is that his music is just what it is, music that feels real. Boland is a firm believer in keeping a certain amount of tradition in the music while having a specific game plan on how you want to go musically. Boland has always been successful by putting out music that not only has no boundaries but it’s something that’s not made with the intent of having to sell. The records that Boland puts out contain music that an adult can buy.

It has music contains life experience, whether it’s what’s going on in the prison system or the work force, but has songs that the younger generation can relate to also. When it comes to what sound Boland really is you can say it’s real honky tonk. They continuously search for an edge and with records they put out thus far their sound continues to evolve. According to Boland it’s their version of American three chord blues.

The Songs they write come from more of a rural place than an urban place but with that being said they are truly a country band, which is something that Jason stresses. A Jason Boland & The Stragglers show is a trip around their musical catalog. They always give fans what they’ve come to expect. It’s a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. Happy songs, sad songs, in your face guitar licks, pedal steel and fiddle ballads.

They firmly believe in the roller coaster regardless of whether fans are listening to an album or attending a live show. They will go and rock out then completely drop the vibe down and go and pick the crowd back up, keeping it interesting. Making the set list is something that the band says is getting harder to do because they always want to keep the audience peaked and engaged.

If you want to find out more about Jason Boland & The Stragglers you can visit www.thestragglers.com to find out everything relating to the band. You can also find them on Facebook and purchase music on i-tunes, google play or at your favorite online retailer.

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