Hayley McDaniel- Staying True To Herself

McDaniel stays true to her beliefs when it comes to music! Her familiar lyrical method and traditional country sound have harvested several industry awards and accolades, in Texas and Nashville alike. When you listen to McDaniel sing you will find out quickly that not only is she highly underrated as an artist but is one of the hidden jewels on the Texas Music Scene.


McDaniel has kind of a strange story when it comes to how she became an artist. Before I get into the story one thing that McDaniel makes clear is that she is first and for most a songwriter. She always loves to write lyrics and putting melodies together has come naturally despite the fact she does not play the guitar.

When putting melodies together she will put them on a voice memo and send them over to a guitarist. The thought of being an artist was something that McDaniel didn’t serious pursue till about three years ago. “Stand Tall for My Son” was a song written by McDaniel about her son who has high functioning aspergers and the song which was written about everything that she wants him to remember about growing up just came pouring out of her and that was the song that opened her eyes and heart to really wanting to share her stories publically and going for her passion and dream which she had put off for most of her adult life.

Ever since “Stand Tall for My Son” came to life McDaniel has been writing, recording and sharing as much of her music as possible. Growing up she was influenced musically by artists like Miranda Lambert, Guy Clark especially from a songwriter perspective.  Willie Nelson was another artist that had a huge influence of her along with Reba McEntire and George Strait.

Her Debut EP Album, “Stand Tall” released in the Spring of 2017 included some heavy co-writers. It includes writing credits from #1 Hit Songwriters including; Sherrie Austin (George Strait), Will Rambeaux (Faith Hill), Marty Dodson (Blake Shelton, Billy Currington), Clay Mills (Darius Rucker, Diamond Rio), and more!

McDaniel has been extremely blessed to write with some of the best songwriters around. Three years ago, after deciding to pursue this music career with the type of artist and songwriters that she wants to be. She wants to surround herself with the best. That has been a goal for her when it comes to co-witting songs she tries to surround herself with the type of voices that will make her better and be people that she could learn from.

Will Rambeaux and Sherrie Austin where the first Co-writes that McDaniel had. The three wrote “Small Town Masquerade” which is on the “Stand Tall” EP. “Stand Tall” includes my favorite song performed by Hayley “Bottled Promises”.   She says it’s strange that when putting something together for a debut EP she can’t write or sing a song unless she has lived it or can relate to the material. When putting the album together she wanted to pick songs that would help people truly know who she is as a songwriter.

Folks McDaniel is one of the best that we have and if you get a chance to check her out catch a live show. You can visit hayleymcdaniel.com to find out everything you want to know about her, the music and upcoming shows.

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