Brandon Rhyder- The best is yet to come

Brandon Rhyder has solidified himself as a fixture in the Texas Country/ Red Dirt scene with four number one singles on the Texas music Charts. With the amount of success, he has enjoyed it’s a safe bet that he will be around for years to come.

When Rhyder was in college he was invited to a show in Tyler where a guy by the name of Robert Earl Keen was playing. He instantly fell in love with the music because of how it stood on it’s on. While growing up in the 70’s and 80’s he was exposed to a lot of the legends. He loved the sounds of Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson.

His family lives in Carthage, Texas and as a young man no matter if he went to his grandparent’s house or his aunt and uncles house, country music would be playing. Artist from Johnny Paycheck to Conway Twitty. Those legends along with his roots heavily influenced his sound.

When writing songs Ryder always writes songs based on pure inspiration and not for the purpose of trying to fit a specific genre. Each time Rhyder releases a new disc he looks for new challenges and tries to do something different with each release. Around his house as a young man music was either country or Elvis Presley.

He got his love of Elvis his mother and has a lot of Presley memorabilia in his personal collection. Shortly after he was listening to a couple of friends playing the guitar at a party that he got his dad’s guitar out of the closet to see if he would like it. Once he began playing the writing became natural to him.

Rhyder felt that pursuing a career in the Texas Music Scene made more sense than going to Nashville and having to deal with corporate mainstream radio. So, what is Texas Music? According to Brandon the Texas Music Scene is a melting pot of all different flavors musically, which fits a lot of the artists more than being in the box that is mainstream radio.

When listening to his music you will hear a mixture of all different influences throughout his early years. His songs are a reflection of his early years. Is it Americana? Well is Americana the new term for what was traditional country? “To me it’s about bringing original sound along with having good lyrics”.  On each of the records you different genre sound from “That’s Just Me” all the way back to the debut record.

When you attend a show, you will hear all of the hits that gave him a career from “Rock Angel” to “Backroads”. The I love about Rhyder is that he will bring a rollercoaster effect to his shows. You will hear a rocking kick your boots up tune then you will hear a love ballad.

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