Artist Spotlight – Jon Stork

This week’s artists spotlight is shining on the greatness of Jon Stork!

If you haven’t heard of Jon Stork, you might want to get yourself acquainted real fast. His last single “Facts & Lies” hit the top of the charts to become his first number one hit. The follow up single, “Radio Cowboy” is flying up the charts, and as of today (5/15/20) it is already cracked the Top 20 and sits at #19 in only it’s 8th week out!

Those kinds of meteoric rises are usually held for guys named Wade, Casey, Josh, Randy and Aaron.

His sound is reminiscent of that late 80’s and early 90’s country sound that we all love.

He’s funny.
He’s humble.
He’s insanely talented.
And he loves chickens. (I mean, who doesn’t?)

Listen to Jon’s tunes on (DUH) as well as anywhere you can find digital music.

Buy his merch at

Keep your eye on this guy because he IS the next big thing!

~Wil Riggs~

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