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From big box stores to Mom and Pop shops, all businesses have growing pains.  That is especially true when a business first opens.  We have all experienced it.  Now, when that new business is also a restaurant, those shortcomings are often magnified because we, as a society, have become accustomed to being waited on hand and foot.

When a restaurant first opens, especially in our fair town of Forney, it is bombarded with patrons. This is great for the business, but can also be a huge burden for them as well. A brand new staff, perhaps just learning the art of waiting tables and customer service, can become overwhelmed by a packed establishment and they could falter in those areas that we hold to such a high standard.

  • Friendly Greeting
  • Quickly Seated
  • Server at our table immediately
  • Drinks out quickly
  • Appetizers out quickly
  • Main course out quickly

And in 2018, with a smartphone in every hand, reviews are quick to be all over social media.  The vast majority of reviews are negative. I don’t have actual statistics, but to the naked eye, you can see that there is easily a 3-1 negative to positive ratio.

One of the fairly new eating establishments in Forney is The Burger Shop (1104 Ranch Rd #101, Forney, TX 75126) at the corner of Ranch Road and Ridgecrest.  I bet they weren’t open a whole day before someone jumped online and started ranting about how horrible the service was and how long it took. Even in their review, they noted that it was their very first day to be open. If you already knew it was their first day, and that more than likely their staff has been trained, but never experienced live customers before, why so harsh and quick to judge?  How about utilizing a little patience and allowing a little leeway for the aforementioned factors?

Nevertheless, my wife and I decided to try out The Burger Shop during a heavy lunch time.  We went in, found an open booth and the owners greeted us and even let us know our server would be out in just a moment.  Our server came out shortly after and was courteous and apologetic for our wait. He took our drink order and by the time he came back with them, we knew what we wanted to eat.  Within 13 minutes of ordering, we had our food on our table ready to eat.


  • The burgers were fresh and very good
  • The homestyle fries were crispy and tasty
  • The onion rings were good with nice, thick onions
  • The ranch is fresh made, not out of the bottle


  • My burger meal came with fries, but I wanted to upgrade to onion rings. Usually when you upgrade an item, there is a nominal fee to upgrade. I was actually charged for a full order of onion rings instead. 

Now, did I decide to get bent out of shape and rant and rave about a small detail? No. I understand that these kids who are learning to wait tables, provide customer service, and trying very hard to not miss a single detail will occasionally make a mistake.  I reviewed the menu, and there was no indication either way on a potential up-charge, so I just let it go, paid the tab, and took some leftovers home.

I have seen several people talk about the location of The Burger Shop, and if I still lived on the South side of 80, I would likely not know it was there.  However, I live very close to the location, and it’s become one of my frequent stops for lunch or dinner with my family.

Location in Forney should NEVER be a problem. The town is a few miles wide, so the 3-5 minutes extra to get there from anywhere else in Forney is minimal at best, especially when I see people saying they drive to Rockwall for food.

Overall: The Burger Shop is pretty dang good. On a scale of 1-5, I give it a solid 3.75

There are a few things they could tweak to bring it up to a 4.5, and with time, experience and experimentation, they will be just fine.

One thing they really need is community support. Small businesses are the lifeblood of our town, and we need to frequent places like The Burger Shop much more often.


If you had a negative experience here, go back and give it a try.  You can’t assume that your experience is the norm.  In actuality, negative experiences at restaurants usually aren’t the norm.  So wipe that old experience off and go have a new one. Give them the chance to change your mind before you write them off for good.

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  • January 26, 2018 at 12:43 am

    Our daughter works there and it is her first waitress job. All of the kids are trying hard to take care of the customers. We enjoy the food and glad it is close to our home. Thank you for the review. All restaurants have some issues but you are right give them a chance!

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